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Mineral Fusion Blushing Crystal nail polish review


Shown in photo: Nail polish: c/o Mineral Fusion “Blushing Crystal” / two coats of color, one base coat. Photo taken in foggy weather.

Mineral Fusion has a beautiful, classic nail polish hue named “Blushing Crystal.” This pretty, sweet pink hue is a nice color for the spring season; especially since pastels are an important color palette for the season! “Blushing Crystal” by Mineral Fusion is also an easy color to wear for spring since it blends well with any color combination whether bright, neon or pastel. Love that!

I tested out Mineral Fusion’s “Blushing Crystal” with two coats of color and one base coat; no top coat. The polish lasted eight days without chipping! I love this nail polish since it is a classic, easy color to wear plus it is long-wearing which is perfect for my busy lifestyle.

Mineral Fusion nail polish is priced at $7.99. It can be found at Whole Foods Market and online here.

Nail polish colors I love from Mineral Fusion:

Mineral Fusion Rock Cress nail polish review


Photo: Nail Polish: c/o Mineral Fusion Rock Cress two coats of color, one base coat. Photo taken outside in overcast weather.

With Radiant Orchid being the color of the year, everything in the pink and purple family is inviting to me. I absolutely adore this medium purple hue from Mineral Fusion named “Rock Cress.” The purple color is vibrant without being too bright; and blends well with apparel in shades of blue, purple, pink and green. Since I have been wearing “Rock Cress” by Mineral Fusion this past week, I have received compliments on a daily basis from strangers! That rarely happens, and I love it!

To add to the beautiful color, Mineral Fusion uses natural ingredients in their products which means the nail polish is safe to wear; and it is safe to use on my daughters’ nails too! Mineral Fusion “Rock Cress” nail polish is also long lasting. The polish lasted eight days despite the fact that I did not use a top coat. I also did quite a bit of housecleaning in those eight days and I didn’t have any chips! Love that!

Mineral Fusion “Rock Cress” nail polish is priced at $7.99 and can be found online here.

Colors from Mineral Fusion I love:


Mineral Fusion Amethyst nail polish review


Photo: Nail Polish: c/o Mineral Fusion Amethyst (two coats color), one base coat, no top coat. Photo taken in direct sun.

Mineral Fusion is an amazing nail polish brand. The nail polish itself is made from naturally beneficial ingredients which keep nails strong and healthy. An added benefit, is that the polish is long-lasting! One of the big concerns with nail polish is that many major brands use unhealthy ingredients which can seep through your nails and into your bloodstream. Knowing that Mineral Fusion is made from natural ingredients makes the nail polish even more beautiful. Plus it is 100% vegan! Love that!

I tested out Mineral Fusion nail polish in “Amethyst” with two coats of color, one base coat and no top coat. The polish lasted a full eight days before chipping! That is amazing considering I did quite a bit of house cleaning and working out during those eight days. I love a nail polish that lasts so long you can see my nails growing at the base!

“Amethyst” is a beautiful color which offers a deep purple hue combined with sparkles. This is the perfect purple nail polish for transitioning from winter into spring. Purple is an important color in winter 2014, as well as spring 2014, so Mineral Fusion’s “Amethyst” is a great nail polish color for making the transition in seasons. Love that!

Mineral Fusion nail polish in “Amethyst” is priced at $7.99 and can be found online here.