Cutler Shine Tattoo adds sleek shine and control to dull summer hair

Everyone loves summer. Let’s face it. The sun is shining, the weather is warm and the beaches are screaming for visitors. In addition to trips to the beach, our hair finds itself immersed in chlorinated swimming pools, salt water or baking in the sun at a noontime picnic. Before long, the shine fades away, color looks flat and the terrible task of making summer hair looking good begins. Ho-hum. . .

Never fear! Cutler Specialist Shine Tattoo is here! The easiest and quickest way to make dull, summer hair shiny and smooth again is with Cutler Specialist Shine Tattoo. We tested the easy to spray, “Shine Tattoo” on chlorinated hair, sun damaged hair and salt water damaged hair and voila! When applied to damp hair which is either blow-dried or air dried, the damaged hair looked shiny and healthy again! Although the product does not return color to its’ original state, the Shine Tattoo does make hair shiny and healthy looking. Fabulous!

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Cutler Specialist Shine Tattoo
Photo: ©2011 Bay Area Fashionista