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Le Angelique Curling Star 3 in 1 Set review


 Photo: Curling iron: c/o Le Angelique “Curling Star 3 in 1 Set.”


Photo: 32mm barrel used to curl ends under.


Photo: 25mm barrel used to create wavy hair.

I have dry hair, so using a curling iron is not always my first choice when I decide to style my hair. So, I was thrilled when Le Angelque contacted me to test out one of their products. The “Curling Star 3 in 1” curling iron set is fabulous because it contains three different sized, clipless barrels which use Ceramic technology. The curling iron itself also has two heat settings which is perfect for creating a loose or tight curl.

I tested out Le Angelique’s “Curling Star 3 in 1” curling iron set on the low heat setting. The curling iron was gentle and did not dry out my hair. The Ceramic technology kept the heat soft and gave me the exact curl I was looking for. I used the largest barrel which is  32mm, so that I could curl my ends under for a clean hairstyle. The heating process was extremely quick and easy. Normally when I use a curling iron with a clip, it can take ten minutes to get my ends curled under and perfect. With Le Angelique’s “Curling Star 3 in 1” set I was able to curl all my ends in three minutes! The curl also stayed without falling which is always a plus.

Next, I wanted to create soft waves. I used the medium sized , 25mm barrel holding each wrap for about six seconds before releasing. This gave my hair a wavy look which offers subtle movement. The waves also lasted without falling! Love that! I was able to make my whole head wavy in about five minutes. That is a record!

This was my first time using a clipless curling iron and I have to admit I was a little scared. Without the clip, the whole process looks like a burn accident waiting to happen! Thankfully Le Angelique makes it easy to use a clipless curling iron by providing a thermal protection glove. You can grab the curling iron with the glove and feel a little bit of heat, but you will not burn yourself. 

Unlike a curling iron with a clip, in order to make a ringlet or tight curl you start wrapping the hair close to your head and wrap your hair around the curling iron out to the ends. Then, when you let go of your ends, your hair falls out of the curling iron without needing to be unwrapped. This leaves the curls tight. 

I am really excited to have Le Angelique’s “Curling Star 3 in 1” curling iron set. I know the clipless style will help me do more with my hair than I was able to do with a clipped curling iron. This set is incredibly handy too since it has three sizes.

Le Angelque’s “Curling Star 3 in 1” set is on sale for $99.99 and can be found online at