Spring comfort shoes 2021

spring comfort shoes 2021

Spring comfort shoes for 2021 from top left: one buckle slides / furry navy Birkenstocks / white cross strap slides / beige and metallic knot slides / spring Birkenstocks / black woven leather slides (I own these and love them!) /

Have you noticed? Comfort shoes are a hot trend this spring 2021 season. As we start to emerge from our homes, and begin getting back out into the real world, we all need a little bit of comfort. While we want to dress up and get out of our loungewear, it’s hard to lose the comfort aspect we have enjoyed for months. This, coupled with the current 1990s footwear trends, it’s no wonder comfort shoes are hotter than hot right now.

Comfort shoes offer a lot to love. They are obviously comfortable, and they are easy to slip on and off. In addition, they offer style without sacrificing, you guessed it, comfort! Funny how that works!

Comfort shoes aren’t just hot for spring. Designers showed them on the runways at New York Fashion Week for the fall 2021 season too. This means that comfort shoes are a great investment to wear this season, and throughout the entire year. Love that!

So what style of comfort shoe should you invest in? Birkenstocks are the hottest of the hot right now. In fact, the long-time hero of the comfort shoe world has introduced a few new styles to covet this spring season. Even if you have a well-loved pair at home, you might want to take a look at their new styles. They are fabulous.

One trend in comfort shoes to watch for this season is woven leather. You’ll also see a lot of puffy leather, which is in line with the puffy handbag trend. If you like pillows, this is your thing!

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What do you think of spring comfort shoes in 2021? Will you rock this trend?

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