The art of the written letter

write letters

Pink rose stationary / pen (gift from my Grandmother in the 1980’s, also love this pen)

When was the last time you wrote a letter, on stationary, by hand? I know, it’s been a long time! I have to admit, I miss the days of shopping for pretty stationary, and then writing a meaningful letter to a friend or family member. Plus, it was always fun to find a letter from someone, to me, in my mailbox! After all, the only mail we get these days are bills and advertisements. There is never anything fun in my mailbox!

You may have heard the news about the post office having financial troubles. Of course, this news isn’t new. It just happens to pop up every few years when something financial is going on with the economy. The post office has been hurting since society switched over to email from written letters, as well as online billing instead of paper billing. Couple that with delivering packages for Internet companies for pennies on the dollar, and our post office isn’t running with healthy financial books!

Let’s bring back the written letter!

The written letter is something everyone can benefit from. We can enjoy writing something special to a friend or family member, they can receive our beautiful letters, and the post office gets $0.55 for each stamp we use. It’s win/win! If we do this together, we will receive letters back while helping the post office! Then it will be fun going to the mailbox again. Love that!

Are you wondering what to write about? When I was in college, I used to write letters to my friends from home. We used to write letters to each other once a week. The letters recapped my week, and weekend. I would ask questions about their activities, and answer questions they had about mine. Some letters would be front and back, while others would be front, back, and multiple pages! In some cases, a letter might need two stamps! It was always fun to receive letters like this too. I loved going to my mailbox and finding a letter from my friend. I would open it before I got back inside my dorm or apartment. I would start reading it immediately as I walked towards a chair to sit on. Letters were exciting, and a great way to stay connected to my friends and family members. After reading a letter, I would re-read some parts, and then immediately grab a piece of stationary and start writing back. I would literally drop everything I was doing to respond to a letter. It was fun and meaningful. I miss those days.

Yes, we can all continue to stay connected via social media, texting, and emails; but wouldn’t it be fun to add back written letters? Plus, we are all social distancing, and some of us are still sheltering-in-place. Writing a letter, is a great way to add a personal touch to staying connected right now. Let’s do this!

I just bought this stationary online to start writing letters to my friends and family members. Here are some more fabulous stationary kits online to get your letter writing started!

Do you plan to start writing letters again?

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