Summer 2019 fitness routine and goals

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My Mom and I going for a hike during spring 2019, see full post here /

The kids are out of school, which means my schedule shifts to summer! I love summer vacation, because it means I have the freedom in my schedule to really stick to my workout routine. This means I have no excuses, I will workout five days per week!

Summer vacation means more than a free schedule, it offers beautiful weather; which allows for more outdoor workouts. I love staying fit outside! Outdoor workouts are also a great way to involve my kids in my fitness routine, since they see outdoor fitness as more of a family fun outing than a workout. haha, I have them fooled!

Without further ado, here is my summer 2019 fitness routine:

Monday: Treadmill with weights. (cardio + strength)

Tuesday: 9Round (Interval + strength)

Wednesday: Spin (cardio + interval, my daughters go too!)

Thursday: Swimming (cardio, this involves the kids too!)

Friday: Spin (cardio + interval, my daughters love this class)

Saturday: Family hike (we try to go to a different trail every week)

Sunday: rest day

It’s an easier schedule than I have created in the past. I’m keeping things low impact this summer as my neck heals from the car accident I was in last spring. This is a great schedule for keeping me fit, and rebuilding my spine strength.

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What types of workouts do you enjoy during the summer months? Do you like to workout alone, or do you involve your family?

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10 thoughts on “Summer 2019 fitness routine and goals

  • Dawn Lucy

    Looks like a rigorous routine to me! You go, Girl! My favorite “workout” is just nice long walks with my doggies. It’s the only exercise that I do that I don’t look at the clock. :D.

    Dawn Lucy

  • Madison Fichtl

    I love that you do a family hike every week! I need to get a schedule going again!

    Madison |

  • Laura S

    I definitely think that carving out that time for fitness in your schedule everyday is super important! I know that for me, if I don’t schedule it in and “force” myself to do it in that way, it won’t happen! Great post!

  • Deanie

    Your fitness posts with your mom are always so great! Love reading up on what others like to do for workouts. This sounds like a great summer plan!
    Xo, Deanie

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