Fluted bottom dress and a new wall

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wearing: ivory and gold door knocker earrings / lipstick / navy fluted bottom dress (under $100) / Fendi logo ring / blue handbag /  spring nail polish / golden ankle bracelet / snakeskin shoes (they come in colors that actually match the dress) /

OK, before you slam your laptop shut and ask “why did she pair those shoes with that bag and that dress,” let me tell you, I am scratching my head too! haha Soooooooo, when I left the house in the morning it seemed like it all went together. Then, when I looked at the photos on my camera as we were snapping them, I realized, as fabulous as these shoes are, this is not the outfit for them. Oooops, I did a fashion faux-pas! Will you forgive me? It happens to everyone, once in awhile, right???

So, I love everything I am wearing, but those shoes should be with a different outfit, let’s just be real here.  If I close my eyes, and picture the shoes in black, pink, or blue, (they are available in all of those colors BTW), then the outfit is seamless and perfect. So just play along with me and my imagination game 😉

So now, let’s get back to the important stuff! This dress might seem heavy on a hot summer day, but it is quite lightweight! This fluted bottom dress is made from lightweight cotton, and was very comfortable on the 90-degree day I met my friend Dawn from Fashion Should Be Fun for lunch, laughter, and the obligatory outfit photos for the blog.

I met Dawn in front of Cocola at Santana Row, and we decided to try and discover a new wall in the area for our photos. We weren’t trying to find a wall to match our outfits, like we should have been doing, we just wanted something new and fresh. haha We walked all the way to the end of the Row and found a construction project which was almost complete. They had this temporary wall up, so we decided it was perfect! We both snapped our photos in front of it. Her black outfit might have been a better look for the wall then my look, but I didn’t care, I love this wall!

After we snapped our outfits, we walked over to our favorite stand-by restaurant on Santana Row, The Village Bistro Cafe. Since it was 90-degrees outside, we both opted for fancy salads and ice tea. We chatted up a storm, and had a blast! I wish we could meet up everyday!

These shoes were really comfortable for walking around, I really should pick up another pair in one of the other colors they come in. Hey, then they would match the dress! haha This dress was perfect in the heat too. I am looking forward to wearing it more often this warm weather season. The model online paired it with street sneakers, that is another option that I think looks really cool; and very comfortable! haha

Shop my fluted dress for spring and summer:

Have you ever mis-matched your shoes to your outfit and wondered what to do? Did you just deal with it for the day, and change your shoes at home like I did? Or, did you buy a new pair while you were out to fix the fashion faux-pas? (Thought crossed my mind lol)

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