Goodbye 2018 and hello 2019

goodbye 2018 hello 2019

pictured from left: fanny pack / beret / handbag / Bermuda shorts /

It’s time for my annual Goodbye to last year, and hello to next year post! For kicks, you can check out my post from last year here.

2018 wasn’t too crazy when it came to fashion trends. Despite the return of the fanny pack, which didn’t really take off, we didn’t have too many trends to make fun of this past year. When it came to the 2018 color trends, we watched Millennium Pink decline in popularity; and we watched the color of the year go into obscurity. Instead, the colors of 2018 included lavender, shades of blue, shades of brown, yellows, and red.

The fanny pack appeared on Instagram and the streets of fashion week, but non-bloggers and non-street-style-stars thumbed their nose at the return of the fanny pack; which in all fairness, was a giant joke in the 1980s; so it is no wonder that people are still laughing now. Athleisure increased in popularity, and sneakers reined as the supreme comfort shoe of the year. Vintage inspired handbags such as circle totes and box bags, emerged as the alternative to logo bags; which people are tired of seeing on the streets.

Now, as we head into 2019, let’s hope we have some more entertainment! So far, the new trends for the new year seem pretty benign and normal. Of course, you never know what may emerge throughout the year! So, without further ado, here are the trends we are celebrating the demise of, and those we are excited to embrace in the new year.

Goodbye 2018 trends!

Fanny Pack: We laughed at people wearing them in the 1980s, and we are still laughing at them. Stop trying to make the fanny pack happen, it’s not going to happen. And for goodness sake, stop wearing them cross body; nothing looks dumber than a giant fanny pack crisscrossing someone’s chest. Just. Stop.

Clutches: While clutches are a staple for formal affairs and evenings out, they are no longer the daytime handbag staple. In 2019, look for something with straps or handles for a hands-free lifestyle.

Ultra-Violet: While this purple hue was projected to be everywhere in 2018, it’s lighter hued sister lilac took over the streets. Sorry Ultra-Violet, people just weren’t feeling you; next!

Berets: This trend tried to start, for two years in a row, but alas, it never really took off. Leave the beret for next time you need a Parisian costume, they were over before they started.

Daisy Dukes: Thank goodness this trend is over. No-one wants to see your cheeks; no matter how many squats you do each day. Keep those tucked in, and toss the Daisy Dukes.

Leggings as pants: The days of wearing leggings as pants are over. Thank goodness! No-one wanted to see jiggling trunks around town. In 2019, look for athleisure styles such as elevated sweatpants, and loose fitting track pants to take you from the supermarket to the gym. Leggings are for the gym only.

Distressed denim: In 2018 we saw a drastic drop in denim with holes and heavy distressing. The new year is calling for hole-free denim and creative washes. Toss the damaged denim.

Hello 2019 trends!

Living Coral: This cheery, upbeat hue is the color of 2019. Let’s hope it actually happens, and brightens everyone’s day!

Purple tips: This hair color trend gained momentum in 2018, and is expected to explode in 2019. Look for people’s hair to have bright purple tips in the coming months. Don’t worry, it’s usually semi-permanent and washes out in ten shampoos, so have some fun with it.

Earth tones: Look for shades of brown to continue to soar in the new year as the 1970s continue to be a decade of influence in fashion.

1980s: This colorful decade is baaaaaa-aaaack! Look for big shoulders, bright colors, oversized jackets, coats and suits; as well as blue eye-shadow. This trend will be like, totally awesome.

Disco vibes: Sparkle and shine like it’s party-time! Don’t save your sequins for NYE, wear them loud and proud during the day too! 2019 is all about shimmering fabrics, sequins, and sparkle. Let’s yourself shine!

Bold black and white: Look for prison stripes, and other bold, black and white patterns. No small pinstripes or tiny checkerboards, everything about patterns and stripes in 2019 is big, bigger, and biggest!

Train case: While the circle tote has been popular for a few years, handbags are starting to move into boxier territory as we roll into the new year. Look for less circles, and more boxes in the world of handbags.

Bermuda Shorts: Yikes! This could go really well, or really awful. Shorts are not-so-short as we move into 2019. Look for long shorts which brush the top of your knee cap in the new year. So very ‘80’s!

For more 2019 trends, check out my trends from the runway post for spring 2019.

Which trends are you excited to see disappear from 2018? Which ones are you looking forward to in 2019?

Happy New Year!



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