Summer 2018 shopping strategy

francesca liberatore ss18 nyfw

a matching set from the Francesca Liberatore spring/summer 2018 runway at NYFW

Summer 2018 is upon us, this means we need to get our closets ready for the hot weather season! There are plenty of runway trends which are hitting the streets this season that we have seen before. What does this mean for us? This means we can shop our closets for summer trends which are continuing from spring, and last summer. Love that!

The first thing to do before shopping for summer 2018, is to look through our closets to find the current summer trends. This will fill in our summer wardrobes, and let us know exactly what we need to actually buy. The more we can find in our closets for summer, the less money we have to spend on our summer wardrobes!

When shopping your closet for summer, look for these trends and items to bring forward for summer:

Straw Handbags: I can’t emphasize enough how important straw bags are this summer season. You can re-wear your Cult Gaia Ark bag from last year, or wear anything straw you can find in your closet. If you don’t have a straw bag, look for a circle one to rock this season.

Espadrilles: Of course, this is a summer staple, so you should already have a pair in your closet. As long as they survived last summer, pull them out and wear them with your straw handbag. If not, grab a pair of wedges, and a flat pair to get you through the summer.

Two-piece sets: Time to show off those abs! Look for matching sets which include shorts sets, pant sets, dress/coat sets, and skirt sets. You’ll find both modest, and tummy revealing versions on the market. This was an emerging trend last year which has taken off this year. If you happen to have been an early adapter, you may have a set in your closet. If not, join me on the quest for the perfect set!

spring 2018 mules

Mules and Slides: This has been a popular shoe style for a couple of years now. You should already have a pair of mules or slides in your closet, if not, this is a great time to invest in a pair for the summer season!

Kitten Heels: This has been an emerging trend in footwear over the past few seasons. For summer 2018, kitten heels are all the rage. If you don’t have a pair collecting dust in your closet from ten years ago, or last year, then this is the time to invest in a pair. If you prefer a higher heel like I do, it’s OK to skip this trend. You don’t have to be short for fashion. My 5’4” frame refuses! Haha

Shades of purple: This is the color of the year, so anything in the purple family from spring can stay in the forefront of your summer closet. If you don’t already own shades of purple, then buy all the purple you see!

Fanny Packs aka “Belt Bags:” I hate to admit it, but fanny packs are all the rage for the summer season. If you have already jumped on this trend, then you’re all set for summer. If you are looking for the cross body’s replacement, this is it. Look for fabulous fanny packs by every major designer and brand. I’ll try to pretend this trend isn’t happening.

street style handbags

Circle Bag, Candy Colored Handbags, and White Bags: These were hot for spring, and are still hot for summer. Keep rocking your circle, white and/or candy colored bags!

Leopard print: Meow! Normally viewed as a fall print, all things leopard are hot for summer. If you have anything leopard print from fall, wear it this summer! Unless it’s wool, or a coat, then refrain. If you don’t have anything lightweight in leopard, this is a great trend to invest in for the summer 2018 season. You will be able to continue to wear it in the fall when temperatures stay high. It’ll make a great transitional print between the summer and autumn seasons. Plus, you can wear it year after year, every fall season! Love that!

The summer 2018 trends can help us make our shopping lists for the hot weather season. Always shop your closet first, then buy the trends you like for the summer that you don’t already own. Remember, you don’t have to rock every trend. I plan to skip kitten heels and fanny packs; and I’m on the fence about matching sets.

What I’m loving for summer so far:

Which summer trends do you plan to wear? Any you plan to skip?

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