Recharging after a full day’s work at fashion week

Pictured: PJ’s c/o SOMA Intimates: berry PJ set on Dawn (on major sale!) / blue PJ set on me / mug / purple and gold earrings / black leather band watch / lipstick / nail polish

New York Fashion Week looks so glamourous from the outside; and it is! The nitty-gritty of the inside, is a bit more exhausting then you might think.

If you have ever been to a trade show, imagine working at one from 9am until 10pm, every day, for one week. Then, picture yourself rushing to an Uber every hour to get from booth to booth. This is what fashion week is like. There are shows every hour, and they are spread out at three main locations; Spring Studios, Pier 59 (Chelsea Piers), and Industria. Then, to complicate things, some designers book their own show locations which can be anywhere in Manhattan!

It can be extremely stressful trying to get from one show to another when the Uber ride is twenty minutes, and you only have ten. Then, try to picture yourself in this scenario wearing heels, and carrying a heavy handbag with a DSLR camera inside. It is quite exhausting! My left shoulder and my neck ache just thinking about it!

I am so thankful for that moment each night when I am back in my hotel room and I can relax, check out the photos I took throughout the day, chat with you about the shows on social media, drink a hot cocoa, and cozy up in the softest pajamas on Earth. I don’t know how I could get comfortable enough to relax after an exhausting day of work without my SOMA Intimates pajamas!

Dawn, from Fashion Should Be Fun and I, shared a room at New York Fashion Week. It is always more fun to do fashion week with a friend. We both love our pajamas from SOMA and were so thankful to be able to unwind from a busy day with them. The fabric is so soft; and they fit perfectly!

If you haven’t seen SOMA Intimates pajamas collection, you should definitely check them out. They have so many cute PJ sets you can wear now, and well into the spring season. I have two pairs of them for now into spring; they are the best!

You can find my PJ set from these photos online here. Check out the whole collection at

What is your favorite way to unwind after a busy work day?

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