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Spring 2018 handbag trends: candy colored bags

spring 2018 handbag trends bright color handbags

spring 2018 handbag trends | bright colored handbags from top left: classic pink tote bag / classic yellow satchel / chic purple shoulder bag / hot red backpack / orange mini tote / fashion-forward blue bucket bag

Spring 2018 handbag trends are splashed all over store shelves; and already walking down the street. There are quite a few  trends to watch this year, but the two biggest trends in handbags for the spring 2018 season are white handbags, and brightly colored handbags. This contrast in handbag colors offers something for everyone. Neutral taste? Go white. Make a statement? Go bright!

Brightly colored handbags are so much fun this spring season! All the colors of the rainbow are hot, and on trend. You can go with a rainbow bright hue, or a sweet candy shade. Brightly colored handbags for spring can be found in both solid hues, and color blocked styles. You can’t go wrong with color this season! Love!

If you have a bright handbag in your closet from a previous season, pull it out, and rock it this spring. If not, this is a great time to invest in a fabulous handbag, in your favorite color! There is no right or wrong color this season; all shades of the rainbow are in.

When shopping for a bright bag, I highly recommend investing in one which is a classic IT bag style such as the Balenciaga City Tote, the Loewe Puzzle bag, or the Gucci Marmont. This way, when the season passes by, you can still rock your bag since it’s a classic. If you decide you don’t to keep it after this season, classic styles are easier to resell on consignment; and will fetch a higher price then trendier styles. I’m all about the investment bag!

This spring 2018 season I plan to re-wear my purple Chanel bag from who knows how many years ago; plus my blue Balenciaga City Tote from 2009, and my red JW Anderson Pierce bag from last year. Of course, I might have to add something to my collection this year!  I could use a yellow, green, pink, or orange bag! Right?!

What do you think of the brightly colored handbag trend for the spring season? Will you be wearing this trend?

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