Actually Organic Argan Oil review

actually organic argan oil actually organic argan oil review

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My hair is constantly flying away! The only way to keep my hair from being too dry, and flying all over the place, is with Argan Oil. I have tried many different brands, but have not been 100% happy due to how the product smells, or its’ inability to perform.

When Actually Organic introduced me to their Argan Oil product, I was excited! The Actually Organic Argan Oil is 100% pure argan oil, no additives! This told me the product might actually work!

I was thrilled when I received my bottle of Actually Organic Argan Oil. Of course the first thing I did was try it! The oil was not greasy at all, and was easy to apply to my hair. Since the bottle has a spray, it is simple to apply evenly throughout hair. It was nice to not have any oil smeared on my hands, only my hair! Love that!

The one thing that took me by surprise was the smell! Normally argan oil products have some sort of smell; whether it is added fragrance or from the ingredients themselves. I tried really hard to find the smell of Actually Organic Argan Oil. I smelled my hair, the bottle, my hands; only to discover I could not smell it. That’s right! There is no scent AT ALL as far as my nose can tell. It is 100% odorless to me. I was shocked!

As someone who loves to wear perfume or scented lotion, I am always annoyed when my hair products have a fragrance which competes with my scent of the day. Actually Organic Argan oil has absolutely no smell to me, this means I can apply it liberally throughout my hair and not worry about it competing with my perfume. Love that!

The verdict: Actually Organic Argan Oil gave my hair the right amount of oil it needs to not be dry. It does not leave my hair greasy or dirty looking. My hair looks clean and smooth. Without a detectable scent, Actually Organic Argan Oil is easy to wear daily since it does not compete with my perfume of the day. Love that! I am rating it five out of five stars!

You can find Actually Organic Argan Oil online here.

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