Chloe Kurtis shoulder bag review

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Pictured: Chloe Kurtis in Dark Purple / lipstick / ring

The Chloe Kurtis is a casual new handbag from iconic, Parisian design house Chloe. I noticed this beautiful, casual handbag on Chloe’s runway for fall 2016. I instantly fell in love with it! The Chloe Kurtis has it all; casual styling, a boho vibe, and roomy compartments. Love!

Chloe is showing the Kurtis in two sizes for the fall season; small and medium. I chose the medium size because I like to have a little extra room for incidentals; I never know what my kids will ask me to hold! The two main compartments are the same size, although the way you enter them is very different.

The outside compartment is secured under a magnetic lock closure flap. This gives the bag a saddle bag look and feel. The compartment on the opposite side, is secured by a zipper, and is a little tighter to put things into than the saddle bag flap closure. Despite the tighter zipper opening, the interior space is the same size as the flap closure compartment, so the same objects can be placed, and fit into, either compartment.

The Chloe Kurtis has a casual look to it. There are several brass circles lining the underneath of the bag which act as protective feet when placing the bag down on a counter. Since the leather on the Kurtis is extremely soft and slouchy, it does slouch down when placed on a counter, negating the brass circles which seem to be there more for looks rather than function.

I love wearing my Chloe Kurtis with printed pants, jeans, and casual maxi dresses. It is easy to use, and the strap is long enough to be worn cross body. Love that!

My Chloe Kurtis is definitely my go-to casual bag of the season. I cannot wait to wear it all the time now that we are heading into the autumn season. This color is “fall” and perfect to wear with this season’s berry hues. I also love how this color looks with navy, caramel, and golden metallic hues.

The saddle bag styling of the Chloe Kurtis shoulder bag also evokes a 1970s vibe, making the bag perfect for wearing with all of this season’s vintage inspired styles. Love that!

You can find the Chloe Kurtis online here, and here.

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