Chanel Canotier nail polish review

chanel canotier longwear nail polish for summer 2016

Pictured: Chanel Canotier longwear nail polish for summer 2016

Chanel Canotier nail polish, is a hot, new golden hue from Chanel’s longwear nail polish collection. This edgy version of soft gold is part of Chanel’s summer 2016 beauty collection, “Collection Dans La Lumiere De L’Ete.” The summer 2016 beauty collection contains four nail polish hues; so stay tuned for more reviews in the coming weeks from this collection! Love it!

You may have seen me post reviews of gold nail polish colors in the past. Although I have tested several gold nail polishes, none have had an edgy gleam in their color. Chanel Canotier longwear nail polish has a very, very slight black undertone, which turns naturally warm gold, into a cool, golden hue, which is unexpected, and hard to find elsewhere. Love!

How do I describe Chanel Canotier nail polish? Well, let’s consider this; gold is naturally a warm hue. The more karats gold contains, the deeper, and warmer, the color saturation. Ten karat gold is soft, while twenty-two karat gold is a metallic almost-mustard-like hue which evokes memories of seeing Egyptian treasures in a museum. In other words, pale gold is from the modern world, dark gold is more pure, therefore reminiscent of ancient times; before metal smiths, and jewelers, mixed nickel, and other metals, with gold in order to strengthen the metal for jewelry design; as well as to keep the cost down.

Chanel Canotier nail polish is like a soft, ten to fourteen karat gold hue; yet unlike the gold we are used to seeing in modern times, it is not warm, it is cool, like silver. In addition, there is a very slight, black undertone to Chanel Canotier nail polish, which is what makes the color cool, instead of warm. This is definitely the edgiest gold nail polish I have tried!

Although Chanel Canotier longwear nail polish is from Chanel’s summer 2016 beauty collection, it is a classic color which can easily become a go-to staple in one’s nail polish wardrobe. I would love to wear this color during the upcoming holiday season. It is neutral, classic, yet, it is cutting-edge. Love!

I tested out Chanel Canotier nail polish with one base coat, two coats of color, and one top coat. The nail polish lasted eight days. I only changed it because my nails grew. Chanel’s new longwear collection is living up to it’s name. It refuses to chip! I did the dishes, and cleaned one bathroom, without gloves to test out the strength of the nail polish, and lo and behold-no chips! It did not even wear off on the edges. This is strong stuff.

Chanel Canotier longwear nail polish for summer 2016 can be found online here, here, and here.

Stay tuned! I will be reviewing more colors from Chanel’s summer nail polish collection!

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