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Fun way to wear a vintage brooch

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Pictured: Sunglasses: Chanel / Lipstick: c/o Dolce & Gabbana Dolce Rosa / Earrings: Swarovski / Dress: Banana Republic / Brooch: Vintage circa 1960’s (tons of vintage brooches online here) / Nail Polish: c/o Dolce & Gabbana Antique Gold / Handbag: Chanel (similar SAVE or SPLURGE) / Shoes: Prada (old, similar here)

Have you ever wondered how to wear a vintage brooch? Or perhaps you want to wear a vintage brooch in a new, and unexpected way; so you are looking for a fun way to wear a vintage brooch. I accidentally discovered a new way to wear my coveted vintage brooch last week!

This vintage brooch was originally purchased by my Mother in the 1960’s. It is a beautiful, sparkling green brooch which shines brighter than an emerald. I have loved this brooch since I was a small child; playing dress up in my Mother’s closet. When I asked to borrow it one day in my mid-20’s, my Mom told me she doesn’t wear it anymore, and knowing how much I have always loved it, told me I could keep it! Yay! Since then, I have always treasured this brooch as if it were a million dollar piece of jewelry.

Last Thursday, I was putting on my dress, pictured above, for the Junior League Sustainer dinner. I had eaten a thousand calorie lunch that day, and was a bit bloated; or maybe I have gained weight and will not admit it. Ha! Anyway, the button at the waist was popping a bit, and I really wanted to make this outfit happen. So, instead of pinning the brooch where I would normally place a name tag, I thought it might be the perfect cover-up for the popping waist button. It worked!

Not only did the brooch hide the popping button, it added a new dimension to the outfit as a whole. I love it! I feel like I have accidentally found a new, fun way to wear a vintage brooch. I am looking forward to wearing it like a belt buckle, without hiding a popping button, on future outfits.

What is your favorite way to wear a vintage brooch?

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