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Talaria flats

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Pictured: Travel flats: c/o Talaria flats

How many times have you worn heels all night long, only to dread the walk back to the car? Have you ever been out somewhere, and the strap on your shoe breaks? How many times have you met your BBF wearing your favorite pair of killer heels, only to find her wearing flats, and up for a walk? I bet you answered yes, yes, a thousand times yes to all of these questions!

The first time I went to New York Fashion Week, I killed my feet! I tried to wear high heels all day long. I had no idea fashion week involved standing in lines, walking-sometimes running, to catch a cab (this was before Uber), and walking; lots and lots of walking. I envied my smart friend Rita who would quickly slip off her killer heels for a pair of black fold-up flats hidden inside her handbag. Why wasn’t I aware of this trick?!

“Cathy,” she told me, “You have to carry flats with you for fashion week; or any time you are in New York. This is a walking city.” She was right! For the next few fashion weeks, I tried to carry flats in my bag, or wear flats during the day which did not really look right with my carefully put together ensemble. None of these options really worked. The flats I tried to stuff in my bag did not fold up, so they took up all the space. Where would I put my wallet? Better yet, where could I find a fabulous pair of fold-up flats like Rita’s?

I was thrilled when I found out about Talaria flats. They were exactly the fold-up flats of my dreams! They arrived in a cute little bag which fits nicely inside my go-to handbag for fashion week. I can still fit my wallet, iPhone, and camera inside my purse; even with the Talaria flats folded up inside. Love that!

Of course, my sparkling Talaria flats are perfect for many more occasions than fashion week. They are perfect for evenings out on the town when my sky-high heels start to pinch. They are also perfect to keep in the trunk of my car, just in case. Sometimes a heel can break (like last year when my 4″ heel snapped off my shoe while I was walking at church-embarrassing!), or a strap can snap off, rendering an otherwise fabulous pair of shoes useless. By having Talaria flats stored in my trunk, or tucked neatly inside my handbag, I am prepared for the worst shoe disaster!

I cannot wait to bring my new Talaria flats with me to New York Fashion Week next September. I am also looking forward to keeping them close-by when I am wearing my favorite high heels. Comfort is key; and being prepared is everything. 😉

You can find your own fabulous pair of Talaria flats online at TalariaFlats.com.