Gucci Dark Anemone nail polish for spring summer 2016

gucci dark anemone nail polish fo spring and summer 2016

Pictured: Gucci Dark Anemone 075 nail polish for spring and summer 2016

Gucci has released their spring/summer 2016 color collection, and it is fabulous; with a bit of a bad girl vibe. The collection includes two lipstick hues, an eye shadow duo, and one amazing nail polish color. Love!

For the nails, Gucci Dark Anemone nail polish is a dark, grey-purple hue which is surprisingly easy to wear with a spring, or summer, color palette. At first glance, the color appears to be a autumn hue.

This troubled me when I first looked at the color; I feared it would clash with my spring pastels, and summer brights. I was wrong! Dark Anemone by Gucci blends well with pastels, giving them a grown up feel. When paired with bright summer hues, Dark Anemone tones them down; adding a bit of mystery. Love that!

What I love about Gucci Dark Anemone nail polish, is that it is a great alternative to neutral polish. It blends seamlessly with any color combination in my outfits, making it as easy to wear as a nude polish. I definitely see myself wearing this color in lieu of blue when I need more versatility this spring in my nail polish color.

I tested out Gucci Dark Anemone nail polish with one base coat, two coats of color, and one top coat. The polish lasted six days before chipping. This is a good run! I look forward to wearing this polish sporadically throughout the spring and summer seasons.

Have you seen the lipstick colors Gucci is offering for spring/summer 2016? Although I have already filled in my spring lipstick wardrobe, I am tempted to pick up both of these hues. Aren’t they pretty! Carnation is definitely calling my name; and Lilac looks perfect for a night on the town. Oh the temptation!

Gucci Dark Anemone nail polish, and the spring/summer 2016 color collection, can be found online here.

Gucci spring/summer 2016 beauty color collection:

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