Best saddle bags for spring 2016

top IT saddle bags for spring 2016

The hottest saddle bags for spring 2016 from top left: black bag / cobalt bag (IT bag-sells out fast) / tan saddle bag / blue handbag / soft pink shoulder bag (IT designer bag) / pale blue handbag (hot designer-under $200!)

Saddle bags have been a huge trend in handbags for the past couple of years. For spring 2016, the retro handbag style is still going strong; and looks to continue to go strong into 2017. Love that!

The fabulous thing about saddle bags for spring 2016, is that the style is perfect for everyday wear. Remember when large, daytime clutches were all the rage? Um yeah, how practical was that?! The saddle bag offers style, practicality, versatility, and more! It really is the perfect handbag style.

I am in love with the hottest saddle bags for spring 2016. There is only one IT bag over $1000! The rest are under $1000, and many are under $500; with one being under $200! How often does that happen in the IT bag world?

The six handbags pictured above are from the hottest designers in the marketplace right now. They are all highly sought-after; especially the cobalt blue bag by Mansur Gavriel pictured above. It will sell fast; and the wait list can be long! It is in stock right now, so if you have been eyeing it, now is the time to buy it! I own one in red, and one in tan, and it is a fabulous handbag. It is lightweight, comfortable, and perfect for everyday wear.

The Chloe Drew is also pictured above. It is the only IT bag over $1000. This beautiful bag is in high demand, and since it is offered in several colors and designs, there is a Chloe Drew for every taste! I have one in off-white and love it. If you are looking for a fabulous, luxurious saddle bag for spring 2016, then this is the bag for you!

Saddle bags for spring 2016 offer so much versatility. They are simple in style, and offer a minimalism aesthetic. Saddle bags look amazing with casual attire, but can work with dinner attire, or a outfit for the theater. The only time they look out of place is with a very dressy, or formal ensemble. Saddle bags for spring 2016 are an everyday, power use bag! Plus, who doesn’t love that retro, 1970’s vibe? I know I do!

If you are looking for a fabulous, and perfect, saddle bag for spring 2016, the six pictured above offer the ultimate in IT bag status. Which one is your favorite?

Top and best saddle bags for spring 2016:

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