Travel outfit to New York Fashion Week

what to wear on an airplane in the winter air travel outfit idea

Pictured: Sunglasses: Chanel / Earrings: Kendra Scott (new for spring!) / Lipstick: Chanel Mighty / Sweater: Banana Repubic (on sale!!) / Coat: Topshop (under $200!!) / Jeans: Gap / Rings: Kendra Scott / Nail Polish: Dior Bleuette / Booties: Sam Edelman / Handbag: Fendi / Suitcases: Samsonite (on sale!)

I wore this travel outfit on the airplane from San Francisco to New York for fashion week. I have a formula for my travel outfits. I always wear jeans on an airplane because they are a thick fabric, and also comfortable. There is nothing worse than fussy clothing on an airplane! Jeans are anything but fussy.

When it comes to my outerwear, I prefer to wear a dark colored coat when I travel in the winter. When you are traveling, you touch, and sit, in public places, so wearing dark colors is always a safe bet. It is also easier to wear a thick coat when traveling on a airplane, then trying to stuff it into precious suitcase space! I try to travel light.

For footwear, I like to wear my bulkiest pair of shoes on the airplane; as long as they are comfortable. This frees up suitcase space for more clothing, and smaller shoes.

Layers are key when traveling on an airplane during the winter months. Since San Francisco has a much more mild climate than New York, my outfit is essentially San Francisco weather-ready, and with the coat, it turns into a New York weather-ready outfit. I also keep my gloves, and beanie, in my handbag so I can easily reach for them when I get off the plane, and head outside for my ground transportation.

I try to wear little jewelry when traveling on an airplane. There is no reason to wear fussy, and noisy, bangles. There is also no reason to wear a large ring which may hit into things, or people. One pair of comfortable earrings, and a small ring, if any, is plenty of jewelry for an airplane outfit.

This is my formula for traveling from the west coast, to the east coast, during the winter! What is your formula for an airplane outfit during the winter months?

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