Proenza Schouler medium tote bag review

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Pictured: Proenza Schouler medium tote handbag in turquoise / blanket scarf (on sale!!) / lipstick / hand cream / book

The Proenza Schouler medium tote bag instantly caught my attention when it debuted just before Christmas. I have always wanted  a Proenza Schouler handbag, but never actually pulled the trigger and purchased one. When this luscious tote bag appeared on my laptop screen in a beautiful turquoise color, succulent green color, beautiful brown, dark classic black, and crisp white, I knew I had to have one in my life!

Since blue is my favorite color, the turquoise tote bag was the obvious choice for me; I finally found my Proenza Schouler bag! The Proenza Schouler medium tote bag in turquoise was a pre-order item, so I didn’t think I would get my hands on it until early spring. Then, FedEx came to my door less then a week after I pre-ordred the bag and surprised me with it! Imagine my excitement! It was a Christmas miracle 😉

I was more than thrilled to pull the medium tote bag out of the shipping box. The leather is extremely buttery soft. If you are familiar with Balenciaga, imagine the softness of their leather, but a bit thicker. This leather is not only feather soft, it is thick and durable. Perfection!

I was instantly drawn to the details and craftsmanship of  my new Proenza Schouler medium tote bag in turquoise. The closure is a hidden magnetic closure which is strong, yet easy to get in and out of. I love having a tote bag which is secure; so many are wide open, and tempting for pick pockets. The magnetic closure adds a bit of security to the bag which makes me feel a bit safer when I am in the city; especially on public transit in the city!

The interior of the Proenza Schouler medium tote bag feature a roomy zipper pocket, and suede lining. I am a girl who loves luxury inside and out; and Proenza Schouler delivers on this tote! The little fringe charm is eye-catching as well. It features a hidden key fob in case you want to hide your keys in it! 😉

There are two, semi-thin tube straps on my Proenza Schouler medium tote bag. They are soft and comfortable. The straps are long enough to throw over my shoulders; making this a shoulder bag and giving it an almost-hobo-like look. Love that!

Proenza Schouler offers their tote bag in both a medium and large size. I have the medium which is extremely roomy. Although I didn’t picture it above, I can fit my small laptop in this tote. I don’t normally carry my laptop with me unless I am traveling, so I photographed what I normally carry with me; a blanket scarf, wallet, lipstick, keys, book (I am always waiting for my kids), hand cream, and iPhone. With these items, there is still plenty of room for snacks, a water bottle, and random things my kids will hand me when we are out somewhere.

Although this tote in black or neutral would be practical, I am in love with the bright, yummy turquoise Proenza Schouler created for their medium tote bag. It is cheerful, and brings a bit of sunshine to me on a dreary winter day. Plus, this will be a hot color as we move into the spring and summer seasons. Love that!

You can find the Proenza Schouler medium tote bag in five colors online here. The larger version is online here and here. A fringe version is online here. There is a canvas version online here.

I rate the Proenza Schouler medium tote bag five out of five stars!

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