Blanket scarves for winter

blanket scarves for winter

Pictured: Booties / Jeans (super comfortable!) / Handbag / Ring / Nail Polish / Blanket Scarf (I love this!!)

Blanket scarves are a huge trend this fall season, as well as for the upcoming winter season. The blanket scarf has been a hot trend for a couple of winter seasons now, and this year, blanket scarves are huge!

The blanket scarf is an amazing phenomena. It does double duty as both an on-trend, “street style” trend, as well as act as a practical necessity in cold weather. Love that!

The hottest styles of blanket scarves are plaid. Any type of plaid blanket scarf is hot. In addition to plaid, on-trend blanket scarves are either large, oblong scarves, or large square scarves. The small neck scarves which are about a foot wide, are not as popular.

The fun thing about blanket scarves this winter season, is that they are not very expensive! Of course, if you want a luxury blanket scarf, there are several styles on the market for over $200, or much, much more! Although you can buy a luxury blanket scarf, most blanket scarves are under $100, making it an accessible trend for every budget.

Since blanket scarves can be found for under $100, and well under $50, this winter shopping season, they make fabulous holiday gifts! You cannot go wrong giving a blanket scarf this holiday season. They are in style, one size fits all, and extremely practical! To see all my gift ideas for this holiday season, please click here for my gift guide.

Blanket scarves are incredibly cozy. They are as warm as a sweater, or lightweight jacket. This makes them perfect for our weather here in the San Francisco Bay Area. We can wrap ourselves up in a blanket scarf, and when the fog burns off in the afternoon, we can unwrap the scarf, or stuff it in our purse! Love that! They also warm up a sweater or coat on very cold days. Double love!

I cannot get enough of blanket scarves this fall season. I am already wearing them often, so I know when winter officially arrives, I will be wearing them non-stop!

Since blankets carves are a hot street style trend, and ideal Christmas gift, I found a few fabulous blanket scarves around the web, and assembled them into the shopping widget below. Most of my picks are well under $100. I hope you love them! Happy shopping, and stay fabulous 😉

Blanket scarves for winter:

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