Chanel Le Top Coat review

chanel le top coat nail polish review

Pictured: Chanel Le Top Coat quick dry and shine. 

Chanel Le Top Coat is a fabulous top coat from Chanel which enhances the shine on top of nail polish, and helps nails dry quickly. Chanel Le Top Coat also helps nail polish last a long life, without chipping or cracking. Love it!

I am not sure why I have never latched on to a top coat until now. Perhaps it is because I enjoy changing my nail color every few days, and never felt the need to make my nail polish last. I have tried other top coats sporadically throughout the years, but none of them ever really worked. They seemed sticky, or even smeared my hard work! So, I became skeptical. 

A little over one month ago, we took a family trip to Disneyland. I knew we would be active during this trip and my nails might take a beating. Instead of traveling with a nail kit, I decided to try a top coat and see if it would keep my nails done for the full week; chip free.

I was excited when I first tried Chanel’s Le Top Coat. This top coat applied smooth and even. It did not streak my fresh nail polish at all. In fact, it increased the shine and made them beautiful. I instantly fell in love!

I have found that Chanel Le Top Coat helps my nails dry quickly, preventing them from denting or scratching before they are fully set. Chanel Le Top Coat also added shine to my nail polish which looked luxurious and fabulous. Love that!

Chanel Le Top Coat has also been working like a charm in the chip prevention department. My nail polish lasts for more than eight days. The only reason I need to re-polish my nails is because they have grown! Chanel Le Top Coat also keeps the nail polish from cracking and looking old. Love it!

I am addicted to Chanel Le Top Coat and cannot paint my nails without it. I am mortified that I have never tried it before now! What have I been thinking???

Chanel Le Top Coat received a five out of five star rating from me!

Chanel Le Top Coat can be found online here.

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