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Shades of red for fall 2015

shades of red fall 2015 color trends for fall

Pictured from left: jacket / watch / handbag / platforms / cut out booties

Shades of a red is a huge color trend for the fall 2015 season. Designers favored red hues in their collections for the fall 2015 season; with Merlot and bright red being the top two shades.

Merlot, which is also referred to as “Marsala” the color of 2015, and bright red, are being spotted on everything imaginable for the fall 2015 season including clothing, accessories, shoes, handbags, and more! With two distinct red hues on the color wheel for fall 2015, there are two distinct ways to wear these colors during the autumn season.

When it comes to wearing Merlot, designers have opted to pair this wine hue with shades of black, navy, military green, and a bright blue hue, which resembles a cross between teal and turquoise, and is officially named “Biscay Bay.” These various combinations give Merlot or “Marsala” a modern look when shown with the fall season’s vintage 70’s trend. Merlot or “Marsala” is also a traditional fall hue giving the color a classic autumn look, and making it a natural hue to wear during the cool weather season.

Designers have also gravitated towards bright red for the fall 2015 season. This is a classic red hue; which is considered a year ’round color. Bright red is being shown alone, as well as paired with black, and neutral hues. This eye-catching shade is meant to be the main attraction of an ensemble, and it is meant to be complimented with neutrals or black; not blended with other colors. Look for statement pieces in bright red this fall 2015 season to make an entrance at a event, or a day-to-day statement.

Shades of red are great colors to look for this fall 2015 season when updating your closet. Not only are the hues traditional, there is a shade of red for every taste, style, and occasion. Love that! I find myself gravitating towards Marsala/Merlot. Which red hue is your favorite?

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