Shoulder flap bags for fall 2015

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Pictured from top left: Blue handbag / Grey handbag / Tan handbag / Black and Merlot handbag / Merlot handbag / Black handbag

The 1970’s are a huge inspiration for fall 2015. Designers took aspects from 1970’s style, and incorporated it into their fall and winter collections for 2015. One of those 1970’s trends is the flap shoulder bag, also known as the saddle bag.

Although considered a classic handbag style, the flap shoulder bag, or saddle bag, is also associated with 1970’s fashion, and reflects the overall silhouette of the time; and upcoming fall season. This timeless handbag style is moving to the forefront of handbag fashion, and it is joining forces with the hotter-than-hot bucket bag as the IT handbag style of the autumn season.

Flap shoulder bags, or saddle bags, are simple in design. They offer a flap closure which covers up a roomy interior. Some designers are putting compartments into their flap shoulder bags to help keep you organized. These compartments are a modern feature not found in 1970’s vintage handbags. Compartments can be found in IT bags such as the Chloe Faye.

If the bucket bag is too roomy for you, a saddle bag is the perfect way to rock the 1970’s look this fall season. Flap shoulder bags, or saddle bag, will compliment flare jeans, a-line skirts, and cinch waist jackets, which give off a 1970’s vibe.

Flap shoulder bags, or saddle bags, are also a great investment for the fall 2015 season. Since this of-the-moment style also happens to be a classic style, purchasing a flap shoulder bag, or saddle bag, for fall 2015 will place a timeless handbag staple in your closet for many years to come. Love that!

Here are a few fabulous flap closure shoulder bags, also known as saddle bags, for the fall 2015 season I found around the web. I hope you love them! Happy shopping, and stay fabulous 😉

Shoulder bag (saddle bags) for fall in Merlot (the color of 2015):

Shoulder bag (saddle bags) for fall in classic black:

Shoulder bags (saddle bags) for fall in neutral hues:

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