Chanel Precious Beige nail polish for summer 2015 review

chanel precious beige nail polish review summer 2015

Pictured: Chanel Precious Beige nail polish for summer 2015. Shown with one base coat and three coats of color. Picture taken in soft sun during morning golden hour. 

Chanel Precious Beige nail polish is one of four new beige nail colors from Chanel’s “Les Beiges” summer 2015 beauty collection. This neutral and classic nail polish collection features a shade of beige for every taste. Love that!

Precious Beige by Chanel is a pale, pinkish-beige color with a very slight sparkle undertone. It is not a cream polish. The slight sparkle is so faint, it registers a 1 on a sparkle scale of 1-10. It is just enough of a sparkle to keep the nail polish from appearing flat and dull on the nail.

Chanel “Les Beiges” collection is perfect for summer 2015 since it provides a variety of neutral colors which can be paired with any color palette. Beige nail polish is also a great color to wear when transitioning from summer into fall. It’s a classic! I can see myself wearing Chanel Precious Beige nail polish in late summer and early fall; when the weather is warm enough to require summer weight attire, yet we all have the urge to wear the new fall season’s styles and color palette. Precious Beige will transition nicely during this time.

I tested out Chanel Precious Beige nail polish with one base coat, three coats of color, and no top coat. The nail polish glided on easily without streaking. Due to the light nature of Precious Beige, two coats did not provide enough coverage; a third coat was a must. The three coats are not bulky, and feel like two coats on the nail; they also look like two coats. This is key, because who wants thick and bulky nail polish! Not me!

Chanel Precious Beige nail polish is an easy color to wear. I have been able to wear any color jewelry and clothing without worrying about my nails clashing with my ensemble. Love that! I also love the fact that Chanel Precious Beige lasted a whopping six days before chipping! My first chip was more of a scratch obtained when attempting to organize a box of mixed-up legos in my children’s playroom. You could barely see the scratch. Precious Beige by Chanel is a strong nail polish!

Chanel’s “Les Beiges” beauty collection for summer 2015, and Chanel Precious Beige nail polish, can be found online here and here.

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