Chanel Lavanda nail polish for summer 2015 review

chanel lavanda nail polish summer 2015 review

Pictured: Chanel Lavanda nail polish for summer 2015. Photo taken during morning golden hour in pale sunlight.

Chanel Lavanda nail polish is a fabulous purple nail colour from Chanel’s summer 2015 beauty collection. This bright purple hue is warm and playful; allowing it to work well with summer’s bright color palette. Love that!

Lavanda by Chanel is a cream nail polish color with a sleek, high-gloss finish. The first coat goes on with a thin coat of color. To achieve the bottle color with streaking, the second coat needs to be thick, or else a total of three thin coats need to be applied. The end result is a marvelous purple nail polish which brightens each day. Love purple!!!

I tested out Chanel Lavanda with one base coat, two coats of color (three of my nails needed three coats), and no top coat. Lavanda by Chanel lasted longer than most Chanel nail polishes. It was seven days before I received a chip! I am definitely in love 😉 As a note, during those seven days I did some housecleaning without wearing gloves, and I spent some time in the warm sun. The cleaning chemicals, and the direct sunlight did not fade, crack, or weaken my Chanel Lavanda nail polish. That is a rare and notable occurrence!

Chanel Lavanda will be a fabulous nail polish to wear this summer 2015 season; as well as right now! The color works well with the seasons’ color palette and the nail polish is long lasting. This means spending time in the sun, and enjoying outdoor activities, are a little bit less stressful; you will not have to worry about chipping your nail polish, especially with the addition of a top coat. Fabulous!

Chanel Lavanda nail polish for the summer 2015 season can be found online here, here, and here.

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