Chanel Terrana summer 2015 nail polish review

chanel terrana summer 2015 nail polish

Pictured: Chanel Terrana nail polish from Chanel’s summer 2015 nail polish collection. 

Chanel Terrana is a beautiful, sparkling brown nail polish hue from Chanel’s summer 2015 nail polish collection. Terrana by Chanel is the most neutral hue of the four summer nail polish colors Chanel created for the hot weather season.

Chanel Terrana offer a warm, milky chocolate brown color with sparkles which works perfectly with the seasons’s spicy summer color palette. For summer 2015, we are seeing a lot of neutrals, browns, oranges, and “spice” hues which look amazing with brown nail polish. Chanel Terrana nail polish is ideal to wear as a neutral shade this summer since it will look perfect with a summer wardrobe; and it is neutral. Love that!

I tested out Chanel Terrana nail polish with one base coat, two coats of color, and no top coat. The nail polish lasted six days before chipping. I know if I used a top coat, it would have lasted longer than six days. 

The sparkles in Chanel Terrana catch the light when you are outside giving off a dazzling, gemstone-like essence. The light chocolate hue is not too dark, so this shade of brown does not give off a “fall season” vibe; just a summer vibe! Perfection 😉

Chanel Terrana is also a great nail polish hue to add to ones’ nail polish wardrobe. It is a classic, neutral hue which can easily be worn throughout the year. It does not scream “2015” and can transcend seasonal color trends. Love that!

Chanel Terrana nail polish can be found online here, here and here.

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