Christian Louboutin Wherever nail polish review

christian louboutin wherever nail polish review christian louboutin wherever nail polish

Pictured: Christian Louboutin “Wherever” nail polish.

Since blue is my favorite color, and it happens to be one of the most important color trends for the upcoming spring 2015 season, I had no choice but to test out Christian Louboutin’s “Wherever” nail polish hue from the “Pops” collection. Wherever by Christian Louboutin is a beautiful, rich dark blue which is almost navy; making it a good transition color from the cool winter months into the early days of spring. Love that!

Christian Louboutin Wherever nail polish is long-lasting. The nail polish lasted a full week without chipping; and that was without a top coat! I used one base coat and two coats of color. As with other Christian Louboutin nail polish hues, I find it hard to apply because the brush is sooooooo long! It is a little bit difficult to balance and guide the brush, although, after using it a few times, it is possible to develop a rhythm and be able to paint your nails without making a mess.

Aside from the awkward application brush, Christian Louboutin Wherever is an ideal classic nail polish for anyone’s collection. It is a timeless shade of dark blue which can flow easily from nautical spring styles to colorful summer ensembles. Wherever can go into the cool months of fall and blend well with classic autumn navy. When fall turns to winter, Wherever is there to play winter blue. So Christian Louboutin knew what he was doing when he named this light navy shade “Wherever.” Wherever can truly take you wherever you want to go; twelve months of the year. Love that!

Christian Louboutin Wherever nail polish is part of the “Pops” collection and can be found on here and here.

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  • Ariel G.

    I bought the Lova color you showed last month and I really love it. You;re right about the brush, but the nail polish is really nice. It lasts a long time and doesn’t streak. I think I may need to try this color too

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