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Nars Alogonquin winter 2015 nail polish review

nars alogonquin winter 2015 nail polish

Pictured: Nars Alogonquin nail polish for winter 2015. 2014©

Nars Alogonquin nail polish from Nars’ “Laced with Edge” winter 2015 beauty collection is a beautiful, dark lavender hue with a generous amount of sparkles. It is soft enough to wear everyday, yet edgy enough to add a little bit of sass during winter’s dreary weather, and dark color palette. Love that!

I started using Nars lipstick and eye shadow back in the mid-1990’s. I always loved the color saturation and cutting edge palettes. For some strange reason, I never got around to testing out their nail polish! When the “Laced with Edge” winter 2015 beauty collection came out, I was actually looking for lipstick! Instead, I found three beautiful nail polish colors from Nars for the winter 2015 season. One of those colors is Alogonquin which is an amazing dark lavender, light purple hue, infused with a generous amount of sparkles. 

I fell in love with both the color and the wear of Nars Alogonquin nail polish. I used two coats of color and one base coat, no top coat, and wore the nail polish for seven days. I only received one small chip on my thumb on day seven! Nars Alogonquin held up really well, and if I had used a top coat, I am certain it would have lasted longer than seven days.

I will be testing out the other two nail polish colors from Nars “Laced with Edge” Winter 2015 beauty collection very soon; so stay tuned!

Nars Alogonquin nail polish can be found online here and here.