Halloween Costumes for adults and children

halloween costumes 2014

From top left: Pirate / Businessman / Chef / Maleficent / Batwoman / Wilma Flintstone

Halloween is fast approaching; and that means it is time to think about the perfect Halloween costume! There are so many fun characters from 2014 which would make amazing Halloween costumes this month. The Maleficent movie, earlier this year, created a whole new fan base for Maleficent; making this one of the hottest costumes for the Halloween season. 

In addition to new characters such as Maleficent, there are plenty of classic characters which always make fabulous Halloween costumes; not only for adults, but for the kids too! Classic costumes for Halloween include, Batwoman, Wilma Flintstone Cleopatra and any type of spooky, creepy, witch!

Children are also enjoying both new and classic characters in 2014 which will make amazing Halloween Costumes. Last years’ minion is still a a popular character as well as classic vampires, Disney characters and pirates. 

I have not picked out a costume yet for this Halloween. My kids are planning to be a pirate, a minion and a sorceress. Have you chosen your Halloween costume yet? If so, what do you plan to dress up as?

Adult Halloween costumes:

Halloween costumes for children:

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