Top trends for spring and summer 2015 from the New York Fashion Week runways

The last model has walked the runway at New York Fashion Week for spring/summer 2015. This means the fashion world is left with many new trends, styles and designs to think about for the upcoming warm weather season. This season we found new color palettes, new hemlines, a change in how we layer, and what we will wear on our feet. Below you will find a list of the top spring/summer 2015 trends from the runways at New York  Fashion Week. Only time will tell if store buyers stock their shelves with these designs, and if consumers ultimately wear them on the streets.

Color Trends:

Muted Tones: Muted colors are hot for spring/summer 2015. Gone are the days of the neon glow and sunglasses worthy bright hues.

Shades of Blue: Any shade of blue will do from to cobalt to navy. If it’s blue, is an “IN” hue. Go big blue!

Beige: The new neutral for spring/summer 2015 is light beige; light taupe will do too. Pale neutrals are “IN.”

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Flatforms: Oh my, the flatform has risen from the almost dead. While platform shoes are a huge NO, the flatform sandal is hot for spring 2015.

Birkenstock inspired: That’s right! Every hippie’s favorite sandal is continuing to be hot as we move from 2014 into 2015. Look for high-end, Birkenstock-like sandals worn with socks; that’s right socks. This is how we did it in the early 1990’s, and this is how it will be done in 2015. Enjoy the unflattering comfort.

Thick Heels: The thick, stacked, or covered high heel continues to dominate the shoe landscape; even more-so as we move from 2014 into 2015. Look for stacked heels, sculpted heels, covered thick heels, Lucite thick heels and anything that is thick, and a heel! Wobbling on stiletto’s is no more. Thank you fashion world.



Shoulder Bags: Shoulder bags remain structured and simple. Look forward to clean lines and not too much hardware. Shoulder bags will mainly be seen in small and medium sizes.

Totes: Structured totes are hot for spring/summer 2015. Look forward to non-slouchy, work-ready tote bags with clean lines and hardly any hardware.

Designs: Since handbags are going to offer clean lines, many designers have added prints, patterns and designs to the front of their handbags. Look for conversational pieces which standout.

Fringe: Boho-chic is alive and well for spring/summer 2015; and so is Western inspiration. This means get your lasso ready, practice your “peace” sign, and get a fringe handbag.




The Full Mini: Spring 2015 is bringing us full mini skirts which hit about mid-thigh. Be sure to stock up on short biker shorts to wear underneath, one good wind gust, and, well, you know where this is going. 😉

Below-The-Knee: The new midi length hits just below the knee. If I can see your knee your skirt better be mini or your hemline is the wrong length. This goes for pencil and full skirts. Cover those knees ladies!

Maxi: The maxi skirt and dress will never die. Look for casual and dressy hemlines which hit at the ankle.

Asymmetrical: Nothing is more boring than a flat maxi hem. Look for asymmetrical hems in layers. Look to Zimermann for hemline inspiration.



Florals: Guess what?! Florals are hot for spring/summer 2015. Revolutionary. Look for sophisticated florals which feature medium sized blooms, often times shown on dark backgrounds such as navy or black. Florals are also being shown on sheer fabrications.

Mirror Prints: Look for prints which seem to be a reflection of themselves or offer a mirror look. A great example are the prints on Luis Antonio’s runway. This will be a great alternative to florals.

Stripes: Stripes are hot for spring/summer 2015, but not in a nautical way. Look for stripes to be mixed with other prints and in more than two colors. Stripes have gone a little bit mad for 2015.



Statement Necklaces: Yes, the statement necklace is still alive and well. Look for faux stones and big pieces around the neck.

Belts: Waistlines are defined, so make sure there is a belt! Look for medium thickness belts on dresses, skirts and more!


Pants and Shorts:

Cropped Pants: Pants are cropped for spring/summer 2015. Look for just above the ankle cropped pants paired with heeled shoes.

Bermuda Shorts: I am classifying these as pants because shorts for spring/summer 2015 are hitting just below the knee. Cover those knees girls!


There you have it! Spring/summer 2015 is just around the corner. What do you think of these trends from the New York Fashion Week runways? Which ones will you wear? Which ones do you think will stay on the runway and not make it to the street?

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