Escada Born in Paradise EDT review


Pictured: c/o Escada “Born in Paradise” edt

Escada’s “Born in Paradise” eau de toilette is a beautiful, warm weather, exotic fruity fragrance which will instantly transport you to a luscious paradise island in a faraway land. From the exotic packaging to the cool, light-hearted bottle, Escada’s “Born in Paradise” edt will make everyday life feel like vacation. 

Escada’s “Born in Paradise” edt starts off with a fruity zing laced with a warm musky undertone. The fruity scent is refreshing and ideal for warm, summer temperatures.  As the day wears on, Escada “Born in Paradise” edt settles into a sweet, fruity scent which is long-lasting, and continually refreshing throughout the day. At the end of the day, the fruity scent diminishes and you are left with a warm, woody, musk scent which transitions from warm, daytime temperatures to cool, evening temperatures.

Top notes: green apple, watermelon, guava

Middle notes: coconut milk, pineapple

Bottom notes: sandalwood, cedarwood, musk

Escada “Born in Paradise” edt is an ideal fragrance for daily wear during the summer months. The refreshing, fruity scent works well in warm weather and helps invigorate you mentally throughout the day. Love that! Although Escada “Born in Paradise” edt is an eau de toilette, the fragrance is surprisingly long lasting and sustains it’s fragrance cycle throughout the day as if it were an eau de parfum. The overall fragrance experience is reminscent of an island paradise vacation which can help make everyday life at home feel a little bit like paradise 😉

My overall rating for Escada “Born in Paradise” edt is five out of five stars! Escada “Born in Paradise” can be found online here and here.

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  • Leandra

    I tried this the other day and really like it. I think I need a bottle. You’re right, it is very refreshing especially in this crazy long heat wave we gave been having!

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