Chanel Secret nail polish for fall 2014 review

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Pictured: Chanel Secret nail polish for fall 2014. Three coats of color, one base coat, no top coat. Photo taken in mid-morning shade. 2014©

Chanel’s fall 2014 beauty collection has arrived on store shelves, which means, we can enjoy a little bit of the new season during the current season! Love that!

The nail polish colors from Chanel’s fall 2014 color collection give us a snapshot into what will be hot this upcoming autumn season. Fall 2014 nail polish trends include soft pinks, nude’s, deep shades of blue and hunter green. Chanel’s fall 2014 nail polish collection includes a pinkish nude, “Secret,” an iridescent hue “Atmosphere” and a deep slate blue named “Orage.”

“Secret” from Chanel’s fall 2014 nail polish collection is a great way to wear fall 2014 during the hot summer months. This soft pink nail polish, also considered a nude shade, is easy to wear with any color palette and can easily pass for a summer hue. The pastel pink nature of “Secret” plays well with spring 2014’s pastel hues and summer 2014’s bright and neon colors. Although it works well as a summer hue, Chanel “Secret” nail polish is very fall 2014. Love that!

I tested out Chanel “Secret” nail polish and found the polish looked streaky with two coats. I added a third coat and the color turned out perfect. I wore Chanel “Secret” with three coats of color, one base coat and no top for one week. The nail polish held up really well and took six days to chip.

Chanel “Secret,” is not limited edition, so this pretty pink nail polish can easily become a classic staple in anyone’s nail polish wardrobe. “Secret” by Chanel is a great everyday nail polish which should work now and throughout the fall season; as well as into the winter and cruise seasons!

Chanel “Secret” nail polish from the fall 2014 color collection can be found online here and here.

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