Chanel Mirabella nail polish for summer 2014 review


Pictured: Chanel “Mirabella” nail polish from the Chanel summer 2014 nail polish collection. Photo taken in overcast weather. Two coats of color, one base coat, no top coat.

Chanel Mirabella is a bright orange nail polish color from Chanel’s summer 2014 beauty collection. The bright orange hue teeters between being bright and neon. This is a hot nail polish color for the summer 2014. Orange nails, lipstick and tinted blush were all the rage on the spring/summer 2014 runways. This makes Chanel Mirabella nail polish the ultimate nail polish for the summer 2014 season; as well as right now!

The orange hue of Chanel Mirabella nail polish blends well with cool colors; which is unusual for an orange hued nail polish! Normally orange nail polish only works with shades of red, orange, yellow and neutrals. Not Chanel Mirabella nail polish! Chanel Mirabella has a slightly blue undertone which allows the nail polish to play well with shades of blue and pink. It does not play well with purple or green.

I tested out Chanel Mirabella nail polish with two coats of color, one base coat and no top coat. The polish proved to be chip resistant and lasted six days. I also felt like Chanel Mirabella nail polish made my skin look tan; which is always a plus!

Chanel always has the most beautiful selection of nail polish colors; and for summer 2014 the iconic fashion house did not disappoint! Although all of the nail polish hues from Chanel’s summer 2014 collection are beautiful, Mirabella is standing out as my favorite. The orange hue is fresh and playful; making it perfect for the summer season!

Chanel Mirabella nail polish can be found online here, here and here

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