Lancome Visionnaire Blur review


On March 1, 2014 Sephora launched Lancome’s new “Visionnaire Blur”  cream. This extraordinary innovation from Lancome minimizes or “blurs” all those imperfections on one’s face which can add age to skin. One minute after application, Lancome’s “Visionnaire Blur” minimizes fine lines, discolorations and large pores. These are all problems I have with my skin!

I was fortunate enough to receive a sample of Lancome’s “Visionnaire Blur” for review from Sephora in mid-February. Over the past couple of weeks I have been able to put Lancome’s “Visionnaire Blur” to the test. After all, I have sun damaged skin, so it can be pretty tough to minimize anything on my face without concealer and foundation!

I was thrilled when I tested Lancome’s “Visionnaire Blur” because my fine lines seemed less visible and my uneven skin tone appeared to have been covered up; it was almost as if I had put on a light layer of concealer! I have large pores in my t-zone, those were still visible but did not seem AS visible as usual. I did my usual skin care routine which involves washing my face and applying face cream with SPF 30. After I applied my face cream, I used Lancome’s “Visionnaire Blur” and I could see the results right away. Love that!

Lancome has also come out with an eye cream in their “Visionnaire” line which I definitely need to get my hands on to try! 

Lancome’s “Visionnaire Blur” starts at $55 and can be found online at Sephora.

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