Street Style Trends for Spring 2014: slip-on sneakers


Photo: Slip-on Sneakers: Joie

The casual flat has a new rival for the spring 2014 season; the slip on sneaker. This skate-style sneaker began emerging on fashionable feet last fall and for the spring 2014 season has been the ultimate go-to casual shoe for style-savvy women everywhere. Fashion editors and insiders alike were spotted at New York Fashion Week attending shows in, gasp!, slip-on sneakers! This was not due to the snow; slip-on sneakers do not grip the ice and are not ideal for snowy conditions. These casual shoes were worn for show and comfort.

Slip-on sneakers are so hot for the spring 2014; they are flying off of store shelves! Designers such as Prada, Christian Louboutin, Lanvin, Saint Laurent, Philip Lim, Alexander McQueen and more have designed their own version of the traditional skater shoe for the spring 2014 season; and they feature pricing which rivals fine leather flats! It is clear on the street, and on store shelves, that the slip-on sneaker is the ultimate casual shoe of the season just out-pacing the flat d’Orsay shoe; another hot spring 2014 footwear style.

Spring 2014’s slip-on sneakers are fabulous shoes for Fashionistas who need a comfortable walking shoe on casual days. Since designers have created their own versions of the skate shoe for spring 2014, even the most discerning shoe lover will find a style on the market which suits her discriminating taste.

Slip-on sneakers are adding a little bit of street edge to the spring 2014 wardrobe. Traditionally, this shoe is associated with teenage boys on skateboards who hang outside coffee shops and turn outdoor stairways into skate parks. This season, expect the fashionable feet of 20-somethings, 30-somethings, 40-somethings and older to be spotted in the same shoe style as any die-hard skater near the local high school campus. Of course, the teenagers will be wearing Vans while Fashionistas will turn towards Prada, Christian Louboutin and the like.

Of course, in every fashionable crowd, there is a women looking for 100% authenticity. Do not be surprised to see a 40 year old woman wearing a Marc Jacobs top with 7FAM jeans and a pair of Vans. After all, Vans are the real deal and it does not get more authentically street than that. 😉

I found a few fabulous pairs of comfortable and beautiful slip-on sneakers for the spring 2014 season around the web and assembled them into the shopping widget below. I hope you love them! Happy shopping, and stay fabulous 😉

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