Chanel Rose Moire nail polish fall 2013 review

DSC_0766Photo: Chanel Rose Moire nail polish. One base coat, two coats of Chanel Rose Moire nail polish. Photo taken in overcast weather outside.

 Chanel Rose Moire nail polish is a late fall 2013, limited edition color release from Chanel. This beautiful nail polish is a sweet, shiny ballerina pink which is perfect for transitioning from fall into winter. Chanel Rose Moire nail polish is also a fabulous color to be worn as an alternative to classic “nude.”

Chanel Rose Moire nail polish for fall 2013 is a pretty pink which blends well with autumnal hues such as burgundy, dark green, navy, black and neutral shades. The classic pink hue does not compete with fall 2013’s prints, patterns or textures. Rose Moire by Chanel is understated and blends into the background; making it the perfect color for someone who is enjoys wearing a different color palette and/or print each and every autumn day.

As we move into winter 2014, Chanel Rose Moire nail polish will blend easily with winter’s cooler color palette. Candy colors, pastels and holiday reds are on the horizon for the winter 2014 season; as well as sparkling and metallic hues. Rose Moire by Chanel’s pastel pink nature makes the hue easy to wear with all of winter 2014’s colors; in fact, Rose Moire will also work with resort 2014! Love that!

Resort 2014 will feature a combination of soft pastels and bright colors including cobalt, orange and yellow. Rose Moire by Chanel will easily blend with all of these shades. Since Chanel Rose Moire is a classic nail polish color, it will be easy to wear as we move from 2013 into 2014. This is also a beautiful nail polish color to keep on hand as a classic hue for occasions and times when you may not feel like being trendy.

I tested Chanel Rose Moire with one base coat and two coats of color. The nail polish lasted six days before chipping. When it began to chip, it chipped quickly and needed to be repainted. The polish may have lasted longer with a top coat.

Chanel Rose Moire nail polish is limited edition and priced at $27. You can find Chanel Rose Moire nail polish online here.

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      I’m always bummed too when a color is limited edition. Thankfully Chanel always has new colors in the works!

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