Laura Mercier Fresh Fig Honey Bath review


Photo: Fresh Fig Honey Bath c/o Laura Mercier

There is nothing like a relaxing bubble bath! Let’s face it, whether you work full time, are a full time Mommy or you are just plain stressed out-a bubble bath is your ticket to relaxation! For me, I need the perfect fragrance in my tub in order to create the perfect, relaxing bubble bath. Thankfully Laura Mercier’s line of foaming honey bath products offers the ultimate, fragrant bubble bath! Love it!

Fresh Fig Honey by Laura Mercier offers a sweet fruity-wood fragrance experience which is perfect for the cool autumn weather. The sweet scent of apricot combined with ylang-ylang starts the fragrance experience off with an invigorating, eye opening scent. After the fruity floral scent settles down the warm, woody gourmand base rises up and creates a cozy, relaxing fragrance experience throughout your bath. Loved it!

Fragrance notes: Apricot Nectar, Ylang-Ylang, rich Vanilla, exotic Sandalwood and Fig Musk.

What I love about Laura Mercier’s Fresh Fig Honey bath is how luxurious the foaming bath experience is. Laura Mercier’s Fresh Fig Honey bath offers rich bubbles which not only offer an amazing fragrance experience; they don’t pop half-way through your bath! In addition, they work like soap so I am squeaky-clean after my bubble bath! Love that!

I highly recommend Laura Mercier Fresh Fig Honey bath for the ultimate, luxurious and fragrant bubble bath. I am also a huge fan of Laura Mercier’s foaming honey bath in Ambre Vanille, crème brulee and coconut milk. Yum!

Laura Mercier’s Fresh Fig Honey bath is priced at $40 and can be found online here.

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  • Inga

    Thanks for a great article! I also love a long, hot bath. I want to try the Laura Mercier Honey Bath you talk about – glad it’s my birthday soon – and I sure will tell my family and friends what I want for my birthday present!

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