Fall 2013 handbag trends: the small satchel

One of the big trends in handbags over the past few seasons has been the cross body bag. Another huge trend in handbags has been the incredible shrinking bag! A third trend in handbags has been the classic satchel. As handbags on the runway and the street have gone down in size, and cross body bags gain popularity, and the satchel continues to be the ultimate “IT” bag as we move into fall 2013, it is only natural that a new “IT” satchel style rises to the top; the small cross body satchel.

The small, cross body satchel was not huge on the fall/winter 2013/2014 runways. This handbag style evolved from the street. Consumers love cross body bags. The handbag style frees up hands and arms allowing a fashion-savvy, busy bee to easily navigate through the day without a shoulder bag sliding off, or trying to juggle the handle on a satchel or tote.

Over the past several seasons designers have included detachable cross body straps on the ultimate “IT” bag; the satchel. Although handy, cross body satchels are large handbags and do not always fit into the “easy” handbag category. Consumers have been salivating for a small satchel they can carry cross body; and designers have responded.

Cross body satchels for fall 2013 are petite and often referred to as “mini.” This new handbag style is popping up everywhere for fall 2013. Although the dimensions generally range from 5”-7” by 6”-10” which is comparable to the average, medium sized shoulder bag; this size is considered quite small for a satchel. Satchels tend to be workhorse handbags which are used for the office or toting around many items. To shrink a satchel to the size of a shoulder bag makes the satchel a whole new style of bag.

The cross body satchel or mini satchel is not the workhorse satchel we have been carrying around the past few years. This is a cross body bag for an active day when less is more. The top handles are more for show rather than function. Mini satchels are also more structured than traditional, casual cross body bags. This makes the handbag style easier to wear with dresses and office attire; again when less is more.

The mini satchel trend is fresh and also very “trendy.” In general, when something is a fad, yet I am in love with it, I tend to try and find a good quality piece which does not cost too much money. Coach has a fabulous mini satchel with a cross body strap which fits perfectly into this trend. It is priced under $300 and offers fabulous quality, structure and the ultimate mini satchel look for the season. Of course, if you love this trend and want to invest in a piece to keep for a lifetime, Saint Laurent has a beautiful mini satchel to covet.

I assembled a few fabulous mini satchels, including the Coach and Saint Laurent bags, into the shopping widget below. Hope you love them! Happy shopping, and stay fabulous