Shades of purple for fall 2013

Purple is a huge trend for fall/winter 2013/2014 which was sparse on the runways, yet has exploded onto store shelves for the upcoming cool weather season. Purple is being shown in deep shades which are flying off store shelves; making this traditional fall hue more of a street trend than runway trend for autumn.

As pre-fall and fall 2013 merchandise makes its’ ways from the runways to store shelves, consumers are snapping up every piece of purple they can find. That’s right! Purple is selling out-fast.
One of the biggest purple trends for fall 2013 is the purple satchel. This structured and classic handbag is barely arriving in stores before being snapped up by purple fans everywhere.

Purple, of course, is being shown on both apparel and accessories. One of the easy ways to wear purple is on a handbag since it can be carried almost every day. Shoes are another way to wear purple multiple times per week; after all, when it comes to apparel we cannot wear purple clothing everyday. Of course with accessories, we can wear them almost every day without looking like purple is the only color we own.

This beautiful color can easily be worn alone, on prints, or color blocked for the fall 2013 season. Purple blends easily with other colors and can even be paired with cooler shades of dark wine or dark fuchsia for fall 2013; other hot color trends for the season!

Purple is not a color to wait to go on sale for fall 2013. If you like purple, and you find an item you love in the hue, buy it now. Purple is selling fast; and if you love something, you should buy it when you see it.

I found a few fabulous purple items for fall 2013 around the web and assembled them into the shopping widget below. Hope you love them! Happy shopping, and stay fabulous