Denim shirts for summer 2013 and a little Pashmina nostalgia

One of the tricky things about getting dressed when living in San Francisco is being prepared for the fog. When a San Francisco Fashionista wakes up in the morning and gets dressed for the day, s/he must anticipate the fog rolling in and/or out from the bay. The fashion world blessed San Franciscans in 1999 when the Pashmina was the “IT” accessory to own. This fabulous, large wool scarf easily tucked into a handbag and could be pulled out at a moment’s notice to cover one’s shoulders in the event the fog rolled in; and you can always count on the fog rolling in from the bay!

Alas, the Pashmina is no longer hip, it has been relegated to a “meh-it’s OK” cover up for formal events; if even that. While San Franciscans find their Pashmina’s taking up valuable real estate in their dresser drawers, another trend from earlier in the 1990’s is showing promise; the denim  shirt.

Ah yes, the denim shirt. This fabulous article of clothing was HOT from about 1992 through to 1996. The denim shirt served so many purposes for Fashionistas in San Francisco, around the Bay Area, and across the globe. It served as a cover up when the fog rolled in plus it added a little bit of preppy grunge to a casual ensemble. Some women even found it was a great way to cover up one’s derrière when a pair of jeans just did not seem to fit the same as they did last year  Hmmm.

Fashionista’s in San Francisco, the Bay Area, and around the globe are cheering! Do you know why they are cheering? This fabulous casual fashion trend is back! That’s right! The denim shirt is the hottest article of clothing for summer 2013. Now that is music to anyone’s ears that needs a solution to the fog!

Hopefully fashion-savvy savers have stocked away their favorite denim shirt from the 1990’s and can pull it out of the box for summer 2013. If not, do not worry! There are many fabulous denim shirts, or chambray shirts, on the market right now which will make the perfect cover up when the fog rolls in off the bay. Love that!

I found a few fabulous denim and chambray shirts around the web and assembled them into this shopping widget below. Hope you love them! Happy shopping, and stay fabulous