Denim on denim for summer 2013

Denim worn with denim? Yes, you saw the headline correctly. This trend from the late 1980’s to the early 1990’s is once again hot on the street. Denim with denim is the hottest trend from the street for summer 2013!

Denim vests, chambray shirts and denim jackets are being shown with denim skirts, shorts and pants. This denim on denim trend has already taken the streets by storm and now many stores are starting to stock the look and prepare their displays in order to reflect summer’s hottest trend.

Denim on denim is being shown in many different ways. This trend can be worn tonal or with contrasting shades of blue. Chambray shirts can also be paired with colored or printed denim for a more subtle take on the trend.

Chambray shirts and denim jackets beg to be layered, so this is a great trend for the San Francisco Bay Area! Since the fog loves to roll in and out; especially in the summer, a denim jacket or chambray shirt is handy to have around just in case you are caught outside when the fog tumbles in from the bay. Love that!

Since denim on denim is a casual trend, this is one street trend everyone can easily incorporate into their weekend wardrobes! One word of advice, denim on denim is not really appropriate for casual Friday at the office. A denim jacket is OK, but a chambray shirt with jeans can look too casual and somewhat sloppy in a professional environment; even one that is casual or high-tech.

We put together a “denim on denim” look in the Polyvore set at the top of this article. We hope you love it! To shop this trend, please visit the shopping widget below. Happy shopping, and stay fabulous 

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