Epic collection by Twisted Silver

There are so many trends on the streets which originated on the runways, or went full circle; from the streets to the runways and back to the streets. One of the current trends, which is extremely popular on the street, is the vintage trend.

Almost every decade is being celebrated on the streets. 1930’s and 1940’s hairstyles are making a comeback while 1950’s era dresses and the 1960’s Mod look are walking off the runways and onto the streets. Ripped or torn jeans from the late 1980’s and early 1990’s are popular with high school and college-age Fashionistas while 1980’s colors, shoulders and shoes are well-loved among thirty-plus-something’s.

Since vintage is in, no matter the decade or century, it is no wonder that jewelry with a vintage look and feel is hot right now. One of the fabulous things about wearing vintage or seemingly vintage jewelry is that it is unique and unlike the jewelry other fashion-savvy women are wearing on the street. After all, why look like everyone else!

The new “Epic” collection from Twisted Silver not only evokes a vintage, old world vibe, it has a Steampunk flair which is difficult to find. This unique collection from Bay Area jeweler Twisted Silver has an industrial edge yet offers a soft, feminine appeal which makes the collection easy to wear with almost trend on the runway or the street. Love that!

Twisted Silver’s “Epic” collection is extremely dynamic. The necklace and earrings can easily work with spring 2013’s floral trend, bright colors trend, vivid pastel trend, neon trend and can even add modern flair to the current Mod trend! Love it!

The new “Epic” necklace and “Epic” earrings from Twisted Silver can also blend easily with the jeweler’s“Epic” bracelet from fall 2012 which was equally unique, edgy and fabulous. The necklace offers a dainty chain and medium-sized pendant which works perfectly with the current jewelry sizes from the spring 2013 and fall 2013 runways. The 1” diameter earrings also fit perfectly into the move towards smaller jewelry as we head into fall 2013.

Twisted Silver’s “Epic” collection, made from antiqued brass, is priced at $30-$60 and can be found online at Twisted-Silver.com. Use coupon code INSIDERS for a 15% discount. Happy shopping, and stay fabulous 

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Epic Collection c/o Twisted Silver. Necklace and earrings.

Photos: Bay Area Fashionista 2013©