Trends from the New York Fashion Week runways for fall 2013

New York Fashion Week came to a close last week, and as designers send their looks down the London, Milan and Paris runways over the next few weeks, we will find common trends for the fall/winter 2013/2014 season as well as distinctive, regional trends from each fashion week.

New York Fashion Week gave us many trends to covet for the upcoming fall/winter 2013/2014 season. While some of the trends may also pop up in other fashion weeks, some trends will be distinctly American. Here is a list of the most prominent trends from the fall/winter 2013/2014 runways in New York last week:

1) Cobalt Blue: Although cobalt blue has been a hot hue for the past several years, designers loved it for the fall 2013 season. In fact, cobalt blue seemed to appear more often than the color of year; Emerald green. Very interesting indeed!

2) Color blocking: This seems to be the trend that will not go away! Whether you still love color blocking or have grown weary of the fleeting trend, it seems to be here to stay; at least through winter.

3) Texture: A continuing trend from last fall, designers mixed different textures and fabrics together to create three dimensional looks which were downright cozy. The update on this trend for fall 2013 is that instead of textured black and dark hues, designers mixed prints and colors together for a textured and bold look. This is a fun trend, enjoy!

4) Prints: The popular trend from spring is continuing into fall. Look for plaid, florals (yes-spring’s favorite print will be hot for fall!), geometric designs and futuristic patterns. Mod prints will also still be important for fall.

5) Dark winter hues: There are three color palettes for fall 2013; the freshest of the three would be dark, winter hues. This color palette includes deep, saturated hues of green, navy, burgundy, chocolate brown, orange and mustard. Look for these colors on soft fabrics such as velvet, wool and cozy knits.

6) Bright colors: Keep those bright colors from spring in the front of your closet in September! Bright colors such as Emerald green, orange, cobalt blue and red will remain hot for fall. Love that!

7) Structured handbags: Designers went back to lady-like structure for their handbag collections. Look for classic satchels, shoulder bags and clutches in stiff, rigid fabrications. For something a little edgy, look for MARC by Marc Jacobs collection of hatbox handbags for fall. Edgy yet classic; fabulous!

8) Quiet jewelry: The days of bold jewelry are numbered. Designers showed little jewelry on the runways, and when they did, the jewels were dainty and layered for a personal touch.

9) Flat soles: Sorry platform fans, shoes are coming down to earth and designers showed a vast array of high heels and boots for fall 2013 with a traditional, flat sole. Start storing your platforms in September.

10) Shoulder pads: Yes, I said it. SHOULDER PADS! Yikes! Our Moms wore them in the 1980’s, or maybe we wore them (all photos have been burned I assume ) and designers have quietly been putting shoulder pads on the runways for the past few seasons. For fall 2013, shoulder pads were everywhere! The proof in the pudding will be if store buyers ask designers to remove the shoulder pads before shipping out the collections or if buyers let the shoulder pads be; then we will know if this runway trend will hit the street. Whew!

There you have it, ten fabulous trends from the New York Fashion Week runways for the fall/winter 2013/20014 season! It should be interesting to see which trends turn up in London, Milan and Paris over the new few weeks! Happy shopping, and stay fabulous