Chanel Accessoire nail polish for spring 2013 review

Chanel’s spring 2013 nail polish colors, Accessoire, Fracas and Emprise have arrived; and they are right on trend with the upcoming warm weather seasons’ nail trends. Autumn shades of burgundy and navy as well as spring colors including baby pink, white, beige and nude are hot for spring. In fact, classic red and funky shades of blue and green are also hot for spring! So many nail trends!

Chanel Accessoire nail polish from the Chanel’s spring 2013 collection is a deep, classic shade of burgundy with a little bit of brown. The hue is actually easy to wear right now since it is still winter and many of the ensembles we are putting together include fall’s color palette. Accessoire by Chanel works perfectly as a transitional color from winter into spring. Love that!

The burgundy or oxblood hue feels more like a fall nail color rather than a spring hue, but for those who are not ready to leap into spring just yet, Chanel Accessoire is the perfect nail polish to slowly transition from winter 2013 into spring 2013.

We tested Chanel Accessoire with one base coat and two coats of color; no top coat. The polish lasted six days without chipping. We also washed dishes without gloves and still, no chipping! Love that!

Chanel Accessoire nail polish for spring 2013 can be found at Chanel boutiques as well as Chanel counters. Happy shopping, and stay fabulous 


Chanel Accessoire nail polish.
One base coat, two coats of color. No top coat.

Photo: Cathy/Bay Area Fashionista 2013©