Colorful denim skinnies for the fall 2012 season

Colored skinny jeans were all the rage last spring and summer. Nothing has changed for the fall/winter 2012/2013 seasons. Colorful denim skinnies are still the hottest casual pant on the street for the cool weather season and this time around they are in autumn hues rather than summer brights and springtime pastels.

While printed denim, metallic jeans and other types of casual pants are on-trend for fall 2012, colored denim is the ultimate, number one way to be casual. Skinny jeans in autumn hues such as chocolate brown, burgundy, orange, dark green and classic black are on-trend for fall. In addition to classic fall colors, shades of jewel tones including bright red, purple, cobalt and emerald green are also hot for fall.

Colored denim pants are a great way to instantly update your casual fall wardrobe and they look more polished than regular blue jeans. This makes colored skinnies a great way to feel comfortable and casual yet avoid the sloppy, faded denim look on the weekends. Since colored skinnies are about as tailored as casual clothing can get, they can also be a great option for casual Friday’s at work; if your dress code allows denim.

We found a few fabulous hues for fall around the web and assembled them into the Polyvore set below. What is your favorite fall color for denim skinnies?