Multi-dimensional statement handbags for fall 2012

Statement handbags are huge for fall 2012 and the ultimate handbag trend for 2012 is a handbag which offers dimension. Multi-dimensional handbags for fall 2012 include texture, mixed fabrications and embellishments which make handbags for fall 2012 stand out in a crowd.

Handbags for the fall 2012 season are being shown in polar opposite styles. One faction is offering sleek, understated and classic handbag styles for the fall season, while the other faction is creating bold, multi colored, textured handbags which are eye-catching conversation pieces. Designers such as Prada, Fendi and Valentino are showing handbags under both categories for fall 2012; giving consumers a choice according to their personal tastes.

There are several different ways designers have presented the statement or multi-dimensional handbag for fall 2012. Here is a breakdown:

Texture: Handbags for fall are being shown in textured fabrics which add 3-D effects to the overall look of the handbag. There are handbags which combine brocade with leather, pony hair with satin, exotic skin with smooth leather and more. Patches of fabric are carefully constructed to create some of fall’s freshest handbags which are anything but flat.

Embellishments: Handbags for fall 2012 are being shown with bold embellishment such as multi-colored studs (ala Fendi), fringe (Christian Louboutin), crystal encrustation (Prada, Valentino, Christian Louboutin) and metal, rocker-chic studs as seen on handbags by Valentino, Alexander Wang, Christian Louboutin and more.

Top handle totes: Multi-dimensional statement handbags for fall 2012 are being show in every handbag style available; but the majority of them are being shown in the season’s hottest silhouette-the top handle tote. Satchels, totes and any handbag with top handles are hot for the fall 2012 season. This classic handbag style has gone wild for fall 2012 as designers have embellished them, encrusted them and cobbled multiple fabrications together to create them. The classic handbag style has been reborn for fall 2012 and is anything but timeless.

Multi-dimensional handbags were seen on the fall 2012 runways, and have now made their way to store shelves. There have been very few spotted on the street thus far; but fall really has not begun. It should be interesting to see if this trend hits the street, or if Fashionista’s stick to more classic handbag styles for the fall/winter 2012/2013 season. What are your thoughts on this trend? Leave us a comment below and start the discussion!

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