Top three facial sunscreens for summer as chosen by expert editors

Summer is here and the sun is beating down on everyone. One of the most important parts of our skincare regime for the summer months includes applying sunscreen. Experts and skincare professionals are constantly telling us that we need to apply sunscreen on our face on a daily basis; whether or not we plan to be in the sun. Apparently the sun can hurt our skin just walking to and from the car! Who knew?!

Applying sunscreen on our bodies is fairly straightforward. We don’t have to worry about acne breakouts, rashes and the like. Our faces are different. Facial skin is sensitive and prone to acne, rashes, dry patches, oily patches and problems we may not even be aware of!

So here at Bay Area Fashionista we have decided to take on the long, cumbersome task of testing several sunscreens for the face; so that you don’t have to. Love that!

Here are our editor’s picks and a special treat: Trish’s pick from Dish By Trish:

Rita’s pick:

For my face I only use Colorscience Pro Sunforgettable Mineral Power Brush SPF 30 in Almost Clear (Tan). I love it! It’s a mineral sunscreen powder and brush in one small compact cylinder tha I carry around in my purse during the summer. It goes on very lightweight since it’s in powder form, so no greasy sunscreen lotions on my face. It’s also tinted so it provides some coverage as well. There’s no need to put on makeup on top of it – and who wants to that when on vacation anyway? The one I use has PSF 30 but I believe it comes in SPF 50 also. It’s also waterproof, but I reapply after I get out of the water anyway J” Colorscience can be found online at

Trish’s pick:

“I fell in love with Kiehl’s products many years ago because it was one of the few brands that didn’t irritate my sensitive skin. My everyday favorite sunscreen is Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturizer SPF 15. This is a super lightweight formula yet it gives my skin a nice glow while providing protection. But for those really hot summer days, I opt for Kiehl’s UV Defense SPF 50. While this formula is lightweight, it provides maximum protection. I love the convenient travel size bottle (1.7 fl. oz) because it fits perfectly in my purse and can be easily placed in carry-on luggage when traveling.” Kiehl’s can be found online at

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Cathy’s pick:

I have sensitive skin which is also combination skin. To make matters worse, I am prone to acne and have several allergies to cosmetics. In fact, there are several cosmetic companies out there who claim to be hypo-allergenic, yet they irritate my skin and cause rashes. So, finding a sunscreen for my face was a bigger challenge than swimsuit shopping and denim shopping combined.  I was instantly in heaven when I tested out Revive products. The moisturizers contain spf protection, they balanced my skin, ended my acne and I swear my wrinkles have been reduced! Am I dreaming? My pick is definitely Revive Sensitif Cellular Repair Cream with SPF 15. Revive can be found online at

Rita is Bay Area Fashionista’s Style Editor, Trish is Editor in Chief of Dish ByTrish and Cathy is Editor in Chief of Bay Area Fashionista.

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