Twisted Silver’s new Spirit Earrings add an earthy vibe to current trends

Statement earrings are huge this season; and are showing no sign of slowing down as we head into fall 2012. One of the big trends in earrings is to see one or more chains dangling from the main portion of the earring. Chains add so many dimensions to earrings as they add instant edge and fluid movement. Twisted Silver’s new Spirit Earrings are medium in size and big on style as they offer one, understated chain which dangles from earthy tumbled glass and stones.


Personal style always transcends trends; but it is always nice to know when one’s personal style is also hot off the runway and coveted on the street. Twisted Silver’s new Spirit Earrings offer the season’s hottest chain trend while also offering something which is different than the usual earrings styles one normally finds in stores. The Spirit Earrings offer tumbled glass and stones which are earthy, eco-chic and express one’s personal style and likes. Love that!


Twisted Silver’s Spirit Earrings can be worn with any type of outfit from jeans and a casual tee-shirt through to a cocktail dress. The tumbled glass and stones can easily blend well with any color palette and when worn with shades of blue, the stones and glass pick up bluish hues; adding a new dimension to the earrings.


The Spirit Earrings by Twisted Silver are priced at $50 and debut online today at Use coupon code INSIDERS for 15% off your order. Happy shopping, and stay fabulous 


Photos courtesy of Twisted Silver

*We received a sample of the Spirit Earrings from Twisted Silver. We were not required to review the product nor did receipt of the sample influence our opinion of the product. Everything contained in this article is the opinion of the writer and should be treated as such. For more information, please read ourdisclaimer.