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San Francisco Centre revives an old San Francisco tradition

San Francisco Centre has officially revived an old San Francisco tradition of “let’s meet under the dome.” The historic dome inside of San Francisco Centre used to originally belong to the Emporium. Those of us who grew up here in the San Francisco Bay Area remember the dome inside the Emporium clearly and now the memories have been revived for a new generation.

Westfield San Francisco Centre’s Restaurant Collection Under the Dome “La Boulange du Dome” has revived the spirit of the café and bandstand which used to occupy the space under the dome inside of the old Emporium since 1896. This newly revived tradition is being celebrated by “La Boulange du Dome” with a special dessert offering; “Le Dome Dessert” which offers chocolate and vanilla crème sandwiched between two almond meringues, covered in crème and white and dark chocolate shavings. Yum!

In addition to the newly opened “La Boulange du Dome,” celebrity chef Martin Yan will open “M.Y. China” in September and on July 11 shoppers can enjoy San Francisco Centre’s summer 3-D light spectacular.

For more information about San Francisco Centre, please visit westfield.com and we will see you under the dome 

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Leopard print for fall 2012 is the cat’s meow

Leopard print is a fall favorite among both designers and consumers. Every year leopard print, and exotic animal prints for that matter, grace the runways, appear on store shelves and flood city streets in droves. For fall 2012, leopard print is the most prominent of the exotic animal prints and has moved to the front of the line as arguably the most important print for the fall 2012 season.

Leopard print is appearing on shoes, handbags, clothing and accessories for fall 2012. Designers are not just creating one pair of shoes or one handbag in the feline print, designers such as Prada, Christian Louboutin and Jimmy Choo have designed multiple styles for fall 2012; proving the importance of the print for the cool weather season.

This may be the most important accent for the fall 2012 season. Adding meow-worthy leopard print to any ensemble this fall season is the easiest way to update one’s wardrobe or add a feminine touch to a menswear inspired look. Smoking slippers, platform pumps, flat soled heels and boots are an understated way to add leopard to an outfit. Leopard print handbags and jackets are a bolder way to add the print to one’s wardrobe; but one must be warned-all over leopard print is definitely too much of a good thing.

Leopard print is racy by nature, but can easily be toned down when worn as a shoe or subtle accent. When worn as an article of clothing or all over the body, leopard print can become racy in the wrong way-if you know what I mean  The trick with wearing leopard print is to only wear ONE piece. Everything worn with leopard print should be neutral and should not compete with the print. This will ensure an understated yet on-trend look for the fall 2012 season.

We found a few fabulous leopard print items currently online and assembled them into the Polyvore set below. Hope you love it! Happy shopping and stay fabulous 

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